Sunday Service

Everything you need to fully participate in our online Sunday morning service.

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Order of Worship

Call To Worship

  • We offer a song of praise celebrating who God is and all He has done!
  • O Come All Ye Faithful

Welcome and Announcements

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  • Online Giving
  • You can setup and access your online giving account by clicking on the Online Giving card below.
  • There are no fees for you or the church if you use a bank transfer.
  • There is 1.9% processing fee for debit and credit cards.

  • You can also mail your tithes and offerings to:

FBC Forest Park

634 Main Street

Forest Park, Ga 30297

Prayer of Illumination 

  • We invite the Holy Spirit to minister to each of us as He intercedes on our behalf, corrects and encourages us in our relationship with The Father through The Son, and illuminates God’s word in our hearts through the reading and teaching of Scripture. 

Songs of Adoration and Thanksgiving

  • We sing songs that extol God’s grace and truth, strengthen our faith, and encourage our love for Him and others. 
  • Good Christian Men, Rejoice
  • It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
  • The Birthday of a King


  • As fallible vessels, we receive, test, and share God’s revelation intended to edify the church and signify our future hope.
  • More information can be found on our Prophecy page.

Confession of Sin

  • God’s holiness exposes our corporate and individual sins. God's grace, displayed most prominently through Jesus’ death on the cross, invites us to be reunited with The Father through the regular confession of sin. Repentance is an invitation into His grace. 

Offering of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

  • We recognize our sins were forgiven by Christ’s death on the cross and, therefore, we are called by God to forgive others who sin against us. We offer others our forgiveness and pray for reconciled relationships.

Assurance of Pardon

  • God declares from his Word and through his Church that all who repent and believe in Jesus Christ are forgiven of their sins.

Family Prayer

  • We intercede before God on behalf of our church and our community.  

Scripture Reading and Sermon

  • God addresses His people through the reading and preaching of His word to edify believers and exhort all people to make sense of, make much of, and make use of the Good News of Jesus Christ. 
  • Sermon notes can be found below...

Invitation to Respond Publicly

  • We offer an opportunity for you to make public your decision to follow Jesus, your desire to be baptized, your interest in joining our church, or any other significant spiritual decision you have made during our service.



Let us know how God is working in your life.


Sermon Notes

A Savior is Born - Part 1


Weekly Budget Update

Last week's giving:

  • $8,187.00

Amount needed each week to make full budget of $600,523.00 by year end:

  • $11,550.00

Total funds needed YTD:

  • $554,400.00

Total giving received YTD:

  • $340,725.77

Difference in funds needed vs funds received:

  • -$213,674.23

Percentage of giving received vs. funds needed YTD:

  • 61%

Our Faith Offering is designated giving specifically for missions over and above our normal tithes.

Last week's Faith Offering:

  • $638.00

Total Faith Offering YTD:

  • $20,479.50