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Interim Music Minister

Job Description 

The Interim Music Minister is expected to have the ability and personality to lead the congregation in a variety of worship experiences. In addition the Interim Music Minister should be consistently prepared to lead organized and efficient rehearsals. This position is directly responsible to the pastor and overseen by the Personnel Committee. 


Our current schedule is greatly reduced because of COVID-19. Currently we are only meeting on Sundays at 11:00am for worship with choir practice beginning at 9:45am. We look forward to our schedule returning to normal in the coming months. Traditionally we have Sunday school at 9:45, worship at 11:00, and choir rehearsals on Wednesday evenings. We are also looking forward to launching a contemporary service on Sunday nights later in the year. 

The ideal candidate will...

Personal Expectations 

  • Maintain and continually develop a personal and ongoing relationship with the Lord through personal Bible study, prayer, corporate worship, and community service. 
  • Be sensitive to ministering to all people seeking to be friendly, warm and caring to everyone in your sphere of influence. 
  • Edify the Kingdom of God and uphold our reputation through affirmation, compliments, and encouragement. Seeking to be positive and focus on blessings rather than shortcomings. Avoiding divisive talk both in-person and online. 

General Responsibilities

  • Uphold a biblical lifestyle in all arenas. 
  • Seek to maintain and improve the gifts and talents given to you and those under your care. 
  • Arrive early and be prepared prior to the beginning of each service or event. 
  • Be neat in appearance. 
  • Be ever mindful that our service is to The Lord and we represent Him in all we do. 
  • Be generally supportive of all church functions and activities. 
  • Work with other staff members and volunteers in planning, preparing, and implementing worship services and other church events as needed. 

Specific Responsibilities 

  • Oversee all music programs of the church.
  • Plan, prepare, and implement each worship service and special events as needed.
  • Rehearse all instrumentalists and musicians, doing all that is required to ensure each individual is ready to bring their best to every event. 
  • Coordinate with media team, sound personnel, and production crew ensuring they have everything they need for each event. 
  • Maintain all necessary licenses and keep required records. 
  • Order music as needed. 
  • Maintain the church music library and storage in an orderly fashion. 
  • Maintain church owned equipment including instruments, sound equipment, and media equipment. 
  • Steward the annual music budget in a responsible manner. 
  • Always be mindful of your role as a “minister first;” making special effort to serve those under your care. 

Additional Skills

  • An understanding of technology including audio, video, lighting, on-screen media, and live streaming.
  • A self-starter. Able to cast a vision and motivate people to work toward that goal. 
  • A team player. Able to work in a collaborative way with staff and volunteers.


Associate Pastor/Youth Minister

Details coming soon...